sábado, 2 de julio de 2011


In the first image the thief discovers plolicia robbing a bank thief tells nervous that he has not stolen anything.

In the second image caught the thief and take him to prison for not again commit any other crime

Poem for Dad on her day.

Poem my Dad: Virsmel Acosta
By: Virmelis Acosta

It's Father's Day, my father's name and I want acosta virsmel felicitarlo.Soy a bit naughty and do as I want to upset me so forgiving in this day appointed with all my love I want to congratulate.

Unsolved Mysteries

Ever experienced something that you couldn’t quite explain? Or heard a tall tale that you assumed too bizarre to be true? Well, Dennis Farina and the Unsolved Mysteries team are here to satisfy your intrigue and whet your appetite with more inexplicable events on CBS Reality.
From doubtful deaths to one of the fastest bank robberies in history, Unsolved Mysteries attempts to reveal the true stories behind some of the most enigmatic myths of our time, and this week’s episodes are no exception.
How did two New York con men perpetrate a scam to trick sophisticated victims into paying cash for a set of supposedly rare coins? Why did a fake nurse kidnap a 21 week old baby from his mother’s hospital room, and who was she? And who are the heroes who helped save a woman’s life the night she was paralyzed in a fiery car accident? But the weird and wonderful cased don’t end there...
The ‘Real Dr. Doolittle’ case leaves everyone stunned when a woman reveals that she can communicate with animals, the team are perplexed by the unfathomable vanishing act of a ship’s captain and crew, whilst a pair of abandoned twins’ search for their relatives touches the heart.
Tune in to Unsolved Mysteries, weekdays at 8pm on CBS Reality to see the mysteries unravelled.

Fashion Trend

  These are the different fashion styles that had previously for any occasion for parties or going to a nightclub.
  These include JEANS, BRACELEST, blouses, shoes and handbags.

My Family Beautiful

 I have a big family,My mother is 39 years old and  My father is a business men and he is 51 years old,my brothers are Virgelvis and virsmel, Virgelvis is 11 years old  he is student and virsmel is 19 years old and he is student Public Accountancy. Also I have to say that I have a beautiful nephew and he is 1 years old. I have too a lot of uncles and cousins. Finally, My grandma and grandpa they are still live and they are 80 years old and I love them so much.

My day

In my normal days when I wake up I go to university, attend all day classes, then go out to lunch with my mom also went out to walk a little together, I visit home from my friends, We laugh, sing, dance really enjoyed, so use to visit my family with my parents, after I got home I check my activities for the next day, I communicate with my colleagues to chat and I'm ready to sleep and start the next day a new day.

The sexy players

They are David Villa, Fernando Torres y Pique they play in the Spanish team, Kaka the Brasil team and Lionel Messi the team Argentinean. I think this guys are soo beautiful. I love the celebrations of this sport because everyone joins.!